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Viser: Cult of Analytics - Driving Online Marketing Strategies Using Web Analytics

Cult of Analytics - Driving Online Marketing Strategies Using Web Analytics

Cult of Analytics E-book

Driving Online Marketing Strategies Using Web Analytics
Steve Jackson
Sprog: Engelsk
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Detaljer Om Varen

  • Paperback: 284 sider
  • Udgiver: Butterworth-Heinemann (Juni 2009)
  • ISBN: 9781856176118

If you want to understand and get true value from your online content you need to understand how it is used by your customers. If you work with web analytics and online search optimization, this book will provide you with the tools and insight you need to do just that.

Even more, it will give you an actionable plan to transform the culture of your organization into one that uses web analytics on a daily basis, focusing on real changes you can make to your department and processes to transform the way your business works.

With examples from dozens of companies ranging from small businesses, to consumer sites like Amazon, to some of the largest companies in the world including Tesco and Google, Cult of Analytics demonstrates just how to apply web analytics to your business.

1 Preface/Introduction: Who this book is for Very short introduction of why the book has been written and whom it is aimed at; Reader learns if the book is for him, whom the author is and whether it will be relevant to what he/she is doing. 2 Why measure? Use this chapter to engage audience with some quick wins or health-check diagnostics they can apply to their site, e. g. conversion rates, pages per visit, underperforming products relative to other channels. - Monitoring / problem detection - Continuous improvement (six sigma) - Rational management decisions - Target marketing - Business website goals/objectives Short look at comparing "online or e-channels" with other channels such as telemarketing and print - managers in many organizations will compare e-channels to other markets. How measurement relates to, and supports, strategy and planning - a teaser chapter that will explain the concept of measurement online and what the user is missing if they do not do an effective job. This chapter explains the "information hole" which is tied into the introduction
and will open the theme of the book which is finding the buried treasure within the statistics. 3 A Conversion platform - Learn what conversion is - Learn how to measure user experience - Learn a little about human motivation - Learn a little about persuasive techniques Topics: - Persuasive elements in a website and how to measure them - Content and design - how to measure its effect - Identifying underperforming content This chapter will briefly describe some tactics to improve conversion rates as well as how to go about measuring the changes. The conversion aspect is important because it should be what people concentrate on before they go out to reach their audience. The site should be developed with the audience motivations in mind and only then do you develop a strategy around reaching those people. Some examples of motivation based strategies and then follow on with how to develop KPIs around the strategy. 4 Key Performance indicators - Learn to identify key actors - Learn to identify their key needs from a business objective perspective - Learn to developing metrics around those needs - Learn to determine whether your metrics are KPI's or simply metrics - Learn what you will need to measure things right Topics: - Internal players and external players (actors) - Figuring out who is important - How can/does your website meet their needs/requirements - Aligning business objectives with metrics (macro and micro actions) - Determining who receives those metrics - Determining whether those metrics are "key" or simply metrics. The most important chapter in the book goes into what you need to do in order to know "what to measure" and provides a system which can be applied across business units or small businesses. Based on the ideas learned from the last chapter. Typically this is the most ignored part of any web analytics strategy. Nokia S60 case study as an example (if possible) and Nokia N770 as a example of a retail KPI strategy. 5 Audience segmentation - Learn about how to segment traffic - Why to segment traffic Topics: - Not all visitors are equal (browsers vs engagers) - Insights delivered by segmentation - Learning to ask why This chapter will explain how to use segmentation of traffic to deliver key insights you don't always get by looking at global traffic. It will show ways of using segmentation effectively and give some reasons why you should use it. Show how by using a flag KPI (page views per session) in combination with segmentation that a problem was found on a website worth $1million a year. 6 Measuring and Improving Reach - Learn what reach is - Learn the different ways to reach your desired audience - Learn how to measure each different way to reach your a
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