Der er ikke 1. semester vinterstart på denne uddannelse

What is a bookbundle?

As a new university student, you have plenty of new information to handle. Among this you need to find out which book(s) you will need for each of your courses.


To make this as easy and painless as we can, we collect all book related information from all lecturers prior to the semester.

This enables us to make a complete bundle of all the books you need to your first semester at DTU - freeing you from doing it yourself.


This is a textbook purchasing the easy way.

Booklist guarantee

1) We guarantee that you will always find the correct books & editions in our booklists and bookbundles.


2) Should any error occur, we correct this at no cost to you. (Also if your lecturer has made a mistake.)


3) We just ask that you prove that you purchased the book with us. So please hang on to your receipt. Read more about ourbooklist guarantee

How do I get my bookbundle?

You have these options:


  1. Order online have it sent to your address
  2. Order online og select pickup in one of our stores.
  3. Or you could just come by our store and get your bundle. 


See our FAQ for more information.


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