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Viser: Experimental Organic Chemistry - Standard and Microscale

Experimental Organic Chemistry - Standard and Microscale, 3. udgave

Experimental Organic Chemistry

Standard and Microscale
Laurence M. Harwood, Christopher J. Moody og Philippa B. Cranwell
Sprog: Engelsk
John Wiley & Sons, Limited
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Detaljer Om Varen

  • 3. Udgave
  • Paperback: 688 sider
  • Udgiver: John Wiley & Sons, Limited (August 2017)
  • Forfattere: Laurence M. Harwood, Christopher J. Moody og Philippa B. Cranwell
  • ISBN: 9781119952381

The definitive guide to the principles and practice of experimental organic chemistry - fully updated and now featuring more than 100 experiments

The latest edition of this popular guide to experimental organic chemistry takes students from their first day in the laboratory right through to complex research procedures. All sections have been updated to reflect new techniques, equipment and technologies, and the text has been revised with an even sharper focus on practical skills and procedures.

The first half of the book is devoted to safe laboratory practice as well as purification and analytical techniques; particularly spectroscopic analysis. The second half contains step-by-step experimental procedures, each one illustrating a basic principle, or important reaction type. Tried and tested over almost three decades, over 100 validated experiments are graded according to their complexity and all are chosen to highlight important chemical transformations and to teach key experimental skills.

New sections cover updated health and safety guidelines, additional spectroscopic techniques, electronic notebooks and record keeping, and techniques, such as semi-automated chromatography and enabling technologies such as the use of microwave and flow chemistry. New experiments include transition metal-catalysed cross-coupling, organocatalysis, asymmetric synthesis, flow chemistry, and microwave-assisted synthesis. Key aspects of this third edition include:

  • Detailed descriptions of the correct use of common apparatus used in the organic laboratory
  • Outlines of practical skills that all chemistry students must learn
  • Highlights of aspects of health and safety in the laboratory, both in the first section and throughout the experimental procedures
  • Four new sections reflecting advances in techniques and technologies, from electronic databases and information retrieval to semi-automated chromatography
  • More than 100 validated experiments of graded complexity from introductory to research level
  • A user-friendly experiment directory
  • An instructor manual and PowerPoint slides of the figures in the book available on a companion website

A comprehensive guide to contemporary organic chemistry laboratory principles, procedures, protocols, tools and techniques, Experimental Organic Chemistry, Third Edition is both an essential laboratory textbook for students of chemistry at all levels, and a handy bench reference for experienced chemists. 

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