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Viser: Under New Management - The Unexpected Truths about Leading Great Organizations

Under New Management - The Unexpected Truths about Leading Great Organizations

Under New Management

The Unexpected Truths about Leading Great Organizations
David Burkus
Pan Macmillan
169,00 kr.
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Detaljer Om Varen

  • Paperback: 288 sider
  • Udgiver: Pan Macmillan (Marts 2016)
  • ISBN: 9781509801725
Nearly 70 per cent of employees in the UK aren't performing at their full potential. At the roots of this problem are the policies and systems built to 'manage' these employees, which were designed for a different era - the industrial economy. In the tradition of Jim Collins' bestselling Good to Great, in Under New Management David Burkus, psychologist, professor of management at the College of Business at Oral Roberts University and author of The Myth of Creativity, shines a light on the companies that are experimenting with new and different models and policies for leading teams and managing people. From Amazon to Virgin, Volkswagen to Whole Foods, these companies have developed a new set of best practices that may look counter-intuitive, but have become an integral part of what makes them so high-performing, and that have established employee engagement and customer loyalty. The purpose of this book and its research is to challenge you and your company on whether the time has come to re-examine some of the most fundamental concepts in management today. The business of business is all about change and keeping up with the latest trends. Here's your chance to see for yourself what kinds of management changes you should be thinking of.PRAISE FOR UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT"Far from oozing theory written by those that have never done it, this is an account of how successful and substantial businesses adopted some revolutionary methods of addressing some long-established challenges and ways of doing business with outstanding results... Read this book, it will stimulate any manager into examining how they might do things better." Business Money"There are so many new ideas in management, it can seem pointless to try and keep up. Burkus's book provides a whistlestop tour of fresh ideas that work, from salary transparency to collaborate hiring via alumni networks (McKinsey, he says, goes further by encouraging its clients to hire its former staff). Readers of the business press will find little new here, but it is concise, fun and jargon-free." People Management
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