How do you know which books I need?

In the months before semester start we cooperate closely with teachers and study secretaries to find textbooks for the different courses.

In this process we collect information but we also provide help and advice about new editions and discontinued books etc.

When we have received all the information from teachers and publishing houses we collect it in booklists, so you can see which books and materials you need for your courses.

Thus we guarantee that our booklists and book packages are correct – everything is checked and double-checked with your teacher. Read more about our booklist guarantee here.

Where are your shops located at?

We have shops at DTU – Lyngby Campus, DTU – Ballerup Campus, University of Copenhagen (Biocenter), UCC and Cphbusiness. Find addresses and opening hours here

Do I get student discounts?

Yes of course. Just enter the name of the university/school you attend and and your student number, and the discount will be subtracted.


Please notice that all discounts are already subtracted in the prices of our popular book packages.


Can I pick up my package / books?

Yes, you can. During purchase you just choose to pick it up in one of our shops instead of having it delivered to you. You will receive an email when it is ready for you.


Please notice that we handle our orders in batches from 8.30 – 15.00, so it may be a couple of hours until your books are ready for pickup.



Does it cost more to order non-stocked books?

No, it does not cost more. Whether it is study guides, comic books, reference works, cooking books, you name it – we will order the book for you for pickup in our stores.

The prices you see on this site are the prices you will have to pay – subtracted student discounts of course.

Can I regret my online purchase?

Yes – you have 14 days’ right of withdrawal on purchases made on this site. Read more about the rules here.

Should I purchase books for later semesters now?

In short: No, you should not purchase ahead.

The teachers’ choice of books changes from year to year; new editions of the books are published etc.

That is why you should only buy books for the semester you are about to start at. Otherwise you risk buying books you will not need and can't use when your start the future course.


Do you sell used books?

No, we only sell new books.

I have found an older, used edition of the book can I use it for my course?

It is almost impossible to answer precisely, but we usually recommend you not to.

When a new edition is published, the content is updated. Some text can have been removed and new text can have been added.

No matter how much has been changed, the page numbers (and sometimes the content of the chapters) will be different in the new edition, which can cause misunderstandings between you and your teacher if you do not have the same edition.

What is the difference between EDITION and NUMBER PRINTED?

Edition: A new edition means that the content of the book has been edited and updated. It is recommended that you read the same edition as your teacher.

Number printed: Sometimes a publishing house produces a new batch of a book. Usually nothing but misprints has been changed, so it does not matter if you do not have the same number printed as your teacher.

Privacy policy

It's important for us to keep the personal data of our customers confidential and have it stored in a secure and safe manner. More about our privacy policy 


What can I find on this site

At this site you will find more than 4 million different titles, Danish as well as English language publications. We do off course stock only a fraction of these - most of these are imported upon request. More on stocked items and delivery times

We also offer a wide selection of ebooks - currently appr. 1.000.000 different titles.


Shipping charges

We ship using Post Danmark. See shipping charges here 


Right of returns

You can return ordered items within 14 days from receipt.  Read more here






We currently have 4 shops at DTU, University of Copenhagen and UCC, and a term start shop at Cphbusiness.

Find information about the shops here



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Business accounts:

Companies can of course buy with credit and invoice.

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Business conditions:
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