We would like to hear from you..

Dear lecturer

Polyteknisk Boghandel are the DTU campus bookstore.

We are currently planning the next term start in order to ensure that the students will have access to the needed books and materials.

Therefore we would like to know from you, which books and/or other materials the students need to acquire for your courses.

In the Danish language mail you have received (or shortly will receive), we have listed the information on what was used the last time this course ran.

Please answer the mail (or mail us direct: ingrid-dtu@polyteknisk.dk) and provide this information:

  1. Will you use the same books / materials as last time?
  2. If no, which books / materials will be used?
  3. How many student do you expect for this course?
  4. Do you need any free lecturer inspection copies of the book?  (We can help you with this)
  5. Do you plan on using own note-collections or compendiums?  We can help with the production of these - just let us know your requirements?

Thank you in advance for your fast response.

Best regards
Polyteknisk Boghandel
Ingrid Beijk



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