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Viser: How to Speak with Confidence in Public

How to Speak with Confidence in Public

How to Speak with Confidence in Public

Edie Lush og Charlotte McDougall
Sprog: Engelsk
Bluebird Publishing
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Detaljer Om Varen

  • Paperback: 160 sider
  • Udgiver: Bluebird Publishing (September 2016)
  • Forfattere: Edie Lush og Charlotte McDougall
  • ISBN: 9781509814534
Make fear of your audience a thing of the past with this book from the how to: academy series.People buy people, which means that managing our presence and profile is critical. We are constantly meeting and speaking to people who are short of both time and attention. By exploring the concepts of energy (to increase presence) and story structure (to bring content alive and make it concise, accessible and memorable), Edie Lush and Charlotte McDougall offer a practical guide for beating nerves and building the foundation for real self-awareness and confidence.

how to: speak with confidence in public will help you build your presence and profile and explore techniques to help you present yourself, your personality and your messages in a confident, personable and compelling way - wherever you are and whoever you are talking to.

What you'll learn:

-A heightened awareness of what effective and engaging communication looks and sounds like.

-Practical techniques to immediately help you come across with more confidence and authority.

- A practical methodology to help you prepare and structure your content and bring it to life.

-Nerves: how they can affect us, and what to do about it!
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