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Wooden books serien

Miniaturebillede af omslaget til Sciencia


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy for All
Burkard Polster, Mathew Watkins, Matt Tweed, Gerard Cheshire, Moff Betts og Cheshire TWEED (2011)
Wooden Books
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Wooden Books

Short, but beautiful & lavishly illustrated
books - filled with knowledge on the
modern sciences.

Wooden Books was founded in 1999 by
designer John Martineau near Hay-on-Wye.


The aim was to produce a beautiful series of
recycled books based on the philosophies,
arts and sciences. Using the Beatrix Potter
formula of text facing picture pages, and
old-styles fonts, along with hand-drawn
illustrations and 19th century engravings,
the books were designed not to date.


Small but stuffed with information. Eco
friendly and educational. Big ideas in a tiny
space. There are over 1,000,000 Wooden
Books now in print worldwide and growing.


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